Lifemates Complaints

Tell Canada How Much You Hate Your Husband or Wife


Have you ever been so upset at your lifemate that you felt the need to write about them? Husbands and wives all over Canada fight many times these days. One of the biggest problems young lifemates have, is the denial that these fights, complaints and arguments will never happen to them. The more you face reality, the happier your lifemates relationship will be. Look at these Phentermine results.

Lifemates Complaints is designed bring out the truth in marriages today. It's not always so nice and calm. Real issues and complaints come up all the time. Fighting is just another part of marriage.

Many lifemates have posted their complaints about their spouses on this site. You will read lifemates complaints from many different couples in Canada and how marriage changed their lives. Some of these lifemates complaints are horrible and all about divorce, while others are written by people who are just upset with something minor. Either way, the truth about marriage can be found here.

If you have any reason to complain about your spouse and would like to post one of your own lifemates complaints, then please send us your story and we'll be happy to post it.

Lifemates Complaints from Canadian Women

  1. He just doesn't listen! (Wendy from Toronto)
  2. MY POT HEAD HUSBAND (Tarra from Hamilton)
  3. I want a dog and he doesn't (Carolyn from Ottawa)
  4. A loaded gun in the house (Ruthie from Montreal)
  5. I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Patricia from Hamilton)
  6. The world’s messiest husband (Rikki from Toronto)
  7. You have got to work on your anger issues (Susann from Winnipeg)
  8. He's choosing a bar over his family (Lyndsey from Hamilton)
  9. Ninja/bad husband (Donna from Barrie)
  10. I married a creature.  No joke. (Shannon from Vancouver)
  11. My husband drinks too much (Breanna from Mississauga)
  12. Is it possible for someone to be this bad at communication?
    (Rosanne from Calgary)
  13. I'm a slave to a tyrant (Audrey from Barrie)
  14. He's not the man I married at all (Debra from Winnipeg)

Lifemates Complaints from Canadian Men

  1. My house stinks.  Literally (Danny from Calgary)
  2. Read about my horrible wife (Andrew from London)
  3. TRASH, TRASH, AND MORE TRASH!!! (Jimmy from Vancouver)
  4. I have no nice clothes thanks to her (Garrett from Barrie)
  5. She would rather watch a movie than waste five grand.  Idiot (Brandon from Calgary)
  6. Burned dinner EVERY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Loyd from Mississauga)
  7. My completely ruined vacation (Lucas from London)
  8. I married a child (Elliot from Toronto)
  9. She can't stop making fun of me (Josh from Montreal)
  10. Dumbest woman in Canada (Stuart from Ottawa)
  11. I'm not allowed to have a stereo system (Warren from Edmonton)
  12. I'm the wife and the husband (Greg from Winnipeg)
  13. Divorce is the only answer (Ralph from Ottawa)
Lifemates complaints, tell all of Canada about your horrible spouse.
Send us your lifemates complaints and we will post it on our site.