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My completely ruined vacation

My wife and I recently went on a vacation. We drove to this beautiful motel north of Toronto. The place had a pool, a ranch with horses, a go-cart track, a bar etc. It had plenty of cool things to do. There was just one problem. I wasn't able to do any of those things because my stupid wife picked those three days of any other three to have a freak out. She randomly got into a serious depression stage where everything was bothering her. Of course I couldn't enjoy myself, I had to deal with her and her childish mood. The kids had a blast but I was stuck inside our room for three freaking days with a maniac. At first, I was able to deal with her. But as time went on with out seeing any progress in her I lost it. I should have controlled myself but can you blame me? I spent about $2500 on this vacation because I needed a break. What I got instead was a week end with more insanity than any other week end. Women are insane. Why do they have to act so stupid and ruin all the fun ALL THE TIME!

Lucas from London, Canada


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