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Divorce is the only answer

My wife and I both want a divorce. We agreed on it a little more than a month ago. After years of brutal fighting we decided that it would be best if we separated. I can't wait till I finally get to live with out that horrible witch. She is the most stubborn woman in Canada. She always refused to do anything for me. She would only fold and put away her clean laundry and she only washed her dishes. When she would go food shopping, she wouldn't buy any of the things I wanted and her excuse was “we don't have money for any extras”. The things that I felt we needed which actually were things we needed were labeled as extra in her mind. But the stupid things that she wanted were not extras. Like bags of chips and ice cream, bottles and bottles of soda, and three jars of BB-Q sauce in stead of one. Things like this made me hate her. I never had a say in any of the decision making in the family. Which school to send the kids to, which cable company we were going to sign up with, and which bank we were going to join where entirely up to her. If I would ever dare say anything to her about how much this bothered me, she would turn the entire house into a battle field. Is that the way to live?

Ralph from Ottawa, Canada


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