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Dumbest woman in Canada

My wife is by far the dumbest woman in Canada. She has no idea what's flying. I'll say something to her one min, and then she'll totally forget what I said the next min. For example, she'll put the clothes in the washing machine and then ask me 30 seconds later if she put the stuff in the machine. Sometimes it's funny, but other times it's dangerous. She actually left our one year old at the photo store for 45 min. She even came home with out her. When I asked her “where's Tracey?” she stopped and thought for two min. It was me who darted out the door and into the car and drove as fast as he could back to the store. Luckily, she was fine but she was screaming her head off. She was scared and rightfully so. Her mother left her all alone in a strange place with strangers everywhere. Thank g-d no psycho ran off with her. Ok, this is no joke. I'm really angry at this but I'm not exaggerating at all. When I got home, she said “hi honey. Where were you just now”? How stupid can one person be? For the sake of my daughter, I have to leave this RETARD!

Stuart from Ottawa, Canada


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