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I have no nice clothes thanks to her

My lifemate has no clue how to do laundry. I tell her all the time not to put bleach in with the colored clothes. I tell her never to use hot water with colors and not to mix whites with colors. But somehow, she always manages to get it wrong. I stopped letting her clean my clothes because she used to ruin everything. I got used to doing my own laundry and became ok with it. Last night, she didn't realize that my favorite pair of pants were among her load. Naturally, she ruined them beyond repair. You can't imagine how upset I was. The only store that I know of that sells those pants is some store in Vancouver.She messes up her own stuff which is ok with me but it's when I have to suffer for her incompetence that I go crazy. It's been years since I bought her any clothes because I can't stand to see her ruin anything I paid good money for. It's such a terrible feeling to know that at any second, your most favorite pieces of clothing can be completely destroyed. This can't go on but I still love her more than anything and that's the most important thing in life. Always remember how much you love each other.

Garrett from Barrie, Canada


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