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My house stinks. Literally

I women are supposed to be women and act lady like. There's a certain energy and vibe that women are supposed to give off. Women are usually very sweet, polite, delicate and graceful. There are obviously cases where a woman is not a perfect woman but there are things that men do that are not supposed to be done by women. My wife has a habit of passing gas very loudly through both ends. I understand that it's a normal bodily function that every one does but I hate it how she does it in public. She does it in front of the kids, in front of guests and in public like at the supermarket. She makes no effort to keep it quiet and unnoticeable. She even laughs when she does it as if it's a cool thing to do. I don't even parade around like that and I'm a guy. It's more expected from a guy even though it's still gross but it's definitely not expected from a woman. Guys are disgusting and that's a fact. Women have their own issues but they're not supposed to be men. I tell her all the time how I hate when she burps and farts as loud as she can. I tell her to at least go into the other room. It's a very unlady like thing to do.

Danny from Calgary, Canada


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