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I married a child

I finally came to the conclusion that divorce is the only way. If I don't divorce that woman, I'm going to lose my mind. My wife is the biggest baby ever. When she's upset, she'll literally cry on the floor. Throwing a fit is her specialty. One time, she got so angry that she took off in the car. She didn't come back for three days. Her phone was off and I had no idea where she went. It turns out that she drove to Detroit just to have fun. It's ok to go on a vacation every once in a while. It's even ok to do it alone but the least you can do is let your family know where you are. I had the police involved in her disappearance because I was so worried. You never know which sicko is lurking around Canada. I don't think she ever matured since she was a kid. I feel like a mother who is dealing with her teenager. I never stop worrying about her and where she goes. Every day is another story. The police knocked on my door one night saying that they had a report that she was smoking weed with her friend in the park. I know we live in Canada where marijuana is legal but do I really need that kind of head ache? I found out that she wasn't smoking but that she was in fact hanging out in the park till eleven like a teenager. GROW UP WOMAN! Or should I say GIRL!

Elliot from Toronto, Canada


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