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I'm not allowed to have a stereo system

My wife and I got married in Toronto about nine years ago. We started out living there until we eventually moved to Edmonton. I don't know what it is, but there's something about Edmonton that made her into a completely different person. Ever since we moved here, she's not the same woman I married years ago. Now she refuses to make her self look good. She lost her love for make up and is now wearing dirty and torn clothing. She looks like a hippie from Woodstock. I still love her but I'm not attracted to that kind of style. She also decided that phones, computers and anything designed to play recorded music is evil. Last year she totally freaked out when I came home with a brand new stereo system. She yelled about how the sound waves cause cancer and that the ultra violet rays also causes serious brain damage. She won't have internet in the house and I had to convince her for two weeks to keep the regular land line. What kind of ridiculous trip is this? I can't have a speaker system in the house? Is that normal? The term life mate is supposed to refer to two people who can be together for life. If she doesn't get out of this phase, I won't be able to be with her for life.

Warren from Edmonton, Canada


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