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She can't stop making fun of me

I was born in the states and just recently moved to Montreal. I married a girl from Canada who speaks fluent French. I don't understand a word she says when she switches from English to French. She uses that weapon against me all the time. When ever her friends come over, she talks about me in French just so I won't understand. They laugh and laugh. I know they're making fun of me and it kills me. At first, I used to laugh with them to try to show them that I'm a good sport. I would come in laughing before saying in a very chilled out tone “what's going on". Instead of them telling me a funny story, they just continue in French as if they're saying “see?  I told you”. Sometimes my wife will tell them an embarrassing story about me. Then she'll say “I'm just kidding”. Sometimes she'll tell her friends about a really deep and dark secret about me. Do I deserve to be treated like this? It's like I'm a clown that she can just laugh at. I feel like I'm back in second grade with a bunch of bullies.

Josh from Montreal, Canada


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