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She would rather watch a movie than waste five grand. Idiot

Canada is filled with amazing women. I really like Canadian women. They're all great except for one and ironically, it had to be the one I married. She's the most incompetent woman ever. Last night, our dog wasn't feeling well so she threw up all over the rug. I knew that if it wasn't taken care of right away, then the rug would be stained for good. Because of the fact that I was already late for work and had no time to clean it up, I asked my wife to. When I got home I expected it to have been cleaned a long time ago so after a hard day at work, I took off my shoes and walked into the living room to my chair. I do this every day after work so I'm used to not having to look down. Guess what I stepped in. A big semi slimy/semi dried up puddle of pink and green dog puke. It was the most uncomfortable feeling I have ever felt. It took me fifteen min of intense scrubbing with soap and water to finally get the smell out of my foot. I walked into the bedroom and asked my wife very politely what she did that day an hour after I left for work. What was her response? I sat in bed and finished my movie. That's when I lost it. I asked her to clean up the puke before it stained the rug which cost me five thousand dollars. Not only did she not do it therefore ruining the rug, I had to step in it just because she wanted to watch a damn movie. Her movie was worth five thousand dollars?

Brandon from Calgary, Canada


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