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I'm the wife and the husband

My wife is incredible. She does everything a normal wife is supposed to do. Except for one major thing, she won't cook dinner, EVER. I'm starving when I get home and it's nice to have dinner waiting for me, or at least in the middle of being made. I can't stand the fact that after working hard all day since eight in the morning, I have to make dinner. Very rarely will we order out which I love doing because I love take out. Canada has some pretty amazing Chinese food. Anyway, every man has his job in a marriage which is to go out and work to support the family. Every woman has her job which is to take care of the kids and make sure the house doesn't blow up. I don't mind helping her out in doing her jobs, but I don't want to do her job all together. No matter how many times I tell her that it bothers me, she still refuses to give in. What should I do?

Greg from Winnipeg, Canada


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