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I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I HATE THAT MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never should have married that awful excuse for a man. For years, he's always been able to tell me exactly how he felt about me. Do you have any idea how often I heard him tell me that he hate's me, that he wishes I was dead and that I'm the biggest curse in the history of lifemates. Well, I hope he reads this lifemates complaint. NO WONDER YOUR FIRST WIFE LEFT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It serves you right you abusive, insensitive jerk. When was the last time you ever said anything nice to me or to anyone. You're just a bitter person who's angry at the whole world for your failures, filled with complaints. You're a failure to your first wife and now to me. You failed as a father and as a person. The world would be better if YOU were dead.

I spoke to his first wife and she told me that he beat her. She said that he used to abuse her in every way, learn more at This was already five years after I married him. I knew that he was divorced when I married him and it was my stupid idea not to call his past lifemate then to find out more complaints about him. I finally had enough of him and I hope he likes telling people that he's about to have two divorced lifemates under his belt. I'm sure no woman in Canada or even the entire world would want to marry someone like that.

Patricia from Hamilton, Canada


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