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He just doesn't listen to my complaints!

I specifically told my husband what I wanted for my birthday last week.  I told him I wanted a big aloe Vera plant for our Toronto house.  Our porch is basically a greenhouse.  We put up glass windows and a glass roof so that I can grow plants inside and still get the sunlight they need.  I’ve also wanted an aloe Vera plant for the longest time.  Every time I get a cut or sun burn, I break off a piece of the plant and put it the disturbed area of skin.  He heard many complaints about this from me and he knew exactly what I wanted.  Not only did this lifemate of mine not get me the plant but a hair curler instead. I already have two of them and he gave it to me a week late.  He missed my b-day by a week.  I can’t believe he ignored my complaints and didn't even get me what I wanted.  It was the worst birthday of my life, who wants to be married to lifemates like that.

Wendy from Toronto, Canada


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