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A loaded gun in the house

I know that accidents happen and that's one of the complaints of life. I like my husband and I never doubted that but he did something which could have ended up in total disaster. He's a police officer here in Montreal, Canada so naturally he owns a gun which he carries on him at all times. He also owns a shotgun, two hunting rifles with high powered scopes mounted on top, and three other handguns. A few nights ago, he left one of his pistols on the dresser. I guess he was cleaning it and forgot to lock it up. When my son walked in to watch TV in our room as I was downstairs, I suddenly remembered that there was a gun right in front of his face. I ran as fast as I could up the stairs and flew into the room like superman to find a loaded gun in his hands. My quick reflexes saved a possible accident. Again, I know he didn't leave it there on purpose but how blank minded can you be to just leave a gun sitting out in the open with kids in the house? Which lifemates would not complain about this?

Ruthie from Montreal, Canada


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