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My Pot Head Husband!

I live in Hamilton, Canada where pot is legal.  It really shouldn't be but it is.  I want to move so that it would be harder for my lifemate to smoke as often as he does.  Once in a while is ok but he’s an adult with responsibilities such as his job and family.  He smokes so often that he forgets to do basic things which are crucial in our lifemates relationship.  Every now and then, he'll be too tired to wake up for work.  When that happens, he goes three or four hours late which produces complaints from his boss.  A:  the more he upsets his boss, the more likely he'll get fired.  B:  the more often he misses work or comes in late, the less money we have.  I think it's very irresponsible of him to act that way.  If you can’t handle it, then don't do it.  Am I right?  Some times he even gets into the car and goes for a drive.  What happens if he gets pulled over and arrested for DWI? What about his family?  His lifemate? I think NA should get some serious complaints about him.

Tarra from Hamilton, Canada


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