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I'm a slave to a tyrant

There should be a law here in Canada or at least in my home town in Toronto against evil lifemates. My husband (soon to be ex husband) is the most controlling and manipulative person in the entire world. I'm not even allowed to go out every now and then with the girls. Since we got married five years ago, I have never spent any free time outside the house. I kid you not. I can not remember a single time where I spent any alone time in town, at a movie, in a coffee shop, or even just driving around.My husband won't let me leave. His idea of a house wife is a complete house wife. A wife that doesn't leave the house, a wife that has no time for anything else than taking care of the house and kids. He says that if I have enough time to go out, then I must be doing something wrong, therefore I can't leave. I had to secretly make myself my own copy of the keys to the house and car because he wouldn't give them to me. I was not allowed to answer the phone when he was home because he didn't want me to talk to another man even if it was the electrician. He even told all of our friends not to call any time before seven which is when he came home from work every day. I never had any money on me because he said “what do you need money for? You don't go out”. These are just a few examples of how I'm a prisoner in my own house which by the way, was left to me by my father in his will. I’m a prisoner in literally MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, our divorce is going to change all that. Ha Ha I hope you are reading this lifemates complaints site, you idiot.

Audrey from Barrie, Canada


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